Air Green is a pioneer brand in the Auto Air Conditioning Industry, It is one of the earliest and yet driven by modern technology and view to produce and market products in the Indian Continent. With an ideology to produce, market and distribute the best and supreme quality products yet being strategically more competitive and advantageous. Air Green’s belief is based and held on pillars of Success and Vision. The company has its base strongly built on three principles:

First being “Quality”, which means the products are made strictly as per the OEM standards and have detailing, perfection and standardization in the work process. Each unit produced at the facilities is monitored and checked, tested thoroughly before it leaves the plant.

Second being “Growth with the right ethics”, Air Green is one of the most reputed name in the auto motive air conditioning sector. Since the origin of the company it has seen incredible growth and forecasts to have further realistic growth each year, being committed to produce and market superior quality products and working in the most ethical manner, for which the company is known in the entire sector, which gives our company an edge over other competitors making our associates loyal to us and vice versa. We try to make the products which make the environment more safer by having a better production facility and our products emit/ produce less environmental damages.

Of all third and most important being “Customer Satisfaction” our customer are satisfied till the core of their heart and apalause and extend their hands for appreciation every time, for which we consider this as one of our biggest achievement in the entire progress chart. We are based in India, the heart of Asia strategically the best location for trade and manufacturing and distributing our products in the entire sub continent. We market all Auto Air Condition parts for all OEMS car models available in India or imported, we have dealer network around the country and our distributors are committed to market our products and brands exclusively in their territory. At Air Green we are committed not only to quality but also having good work culture and good practices for the production employees facilities, The employees are well equipped and trained with the technical skills for manufacturing the components exactly to the OEM standards.

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