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OE standard ,microport condensers tubes that provide effective and efficient heat exchange process. Our products are brazed, corrosion free, leak tested and light weight

Receiver Drier

OE Standard, effectively controls moisture through desiccant

Blower Motor

OE quality material , with excellent life and able to sustain under extreme conditions such as humidity, moisture ,dust and vibration


OE standard,light weight and high performance , durable and cost effective

Cooling Coil

OE standard, compact , light weight ,high performance and maximum heat transfer

Heater core

OE standard, light weight and effective

Expansion Valve

OE standard, High Efficiency, Uses less refrigerant

Hose Assemblies

OE Standard, OE Rubber Component (NCRN, Bridgestone),


Durable and High performance

Clutch assemblies

OE Standard, Long Lasting and High Performance

Car Ac Evaporator Unit (Blower) and Motors

We supply Evaporator Unit (Blower) for all leading Cars/Carriers/Buses/Tempoes Etc. Best in class, affordable and durable.

Auto motive Air Conditioning Fan Assemblies and Motors

Long Lasting Motor and High Performance

Cabin Air Filters

OE Standard, High Performance and Good Absorbing

Compressor Oil

High Quality Oil, Good for Compressor for long life. Available in packing of 250 Grams, 1 Ltr and 4Ltr

Valve Pin/ Resistors/ Relays /Ac Switches/HP LP Switches/O Rings/ Orifical Lube/Seals/Sensors

Small line that makes a lot of difference, high quality, high performance and durable


Apart from providing the core parts of the automotive airconditiong parts , we also supply small accessories like Damber Tape, Pipe Opener ,Manifolds, Couplers and many more miscellaneous parts

Vehicle Refrigeration Unit

Vehicle Refrigeration Unit Complete for 8 Ft Bolero and 18 Ft ContainersFast Run Down time and otehr added advanates 

AGEEV2 Mild Steel Jcb Cabin Air Conditioner

Electric Kit is the new product launch of Air Green. Available in 12/24 v and suitable for all JCB and earthmovers and truck cabin applications

Car Ac Condenser Fan, For Commercial

Long Lasting Motor and High Performance

Rubber Hose and Hose Fittings

OE Standard, OE Rubber Component Unicla Airconditioning Hoses along with Aluminium Fittings For R134/Oring/R-12/Flare

Earthmoving Air Conditioning Kits

We manufacture Earthmoving Air Conditioning Units for 24V. Best in class, affordable and durable. Dashboard /Roof Top /  Indoor-Outdoor Unit available

Electrical Air Conditioning Kits

We manufacture Electrical Air Conditioning Units for 12V & 24V. Best in class, affordable and durable. Dashboard /Roof Top /  Indoor-Outdoor  Split Unit available . Best suitable for Trucks Cabin, Earthmovers , Buses , Minivans and Pickups etc.

Refrigeration Truck Units

We manufacture Refrigeration Truck Units for 8/18/40 Ft  for temperature upto -25 degrees. They are customisable with Powered Gensets Standbys or Electrical 3 Phase Standybys also.
We also manufacture electrical refrigeration unit for EV Pickups.

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