Quality Technology & Facilities

Our quality is not only defined to tooling room or development of the skills of the workers it is extended even more outside the room.

We at Air Green are committed to think out of the box and we are constantly involved always in making quality products, and making the products more cost effective.

Our products are made strictly to OE standards and are appreciated over the entire auto motive market . We have a specialized team involved in constantly monitoring and testing the quality of the product being manufactured during the lot and each product is tested before it leaves the facilities We have specialized personnel involved in specific department for purchasing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing and customer/ distributor feedback.

We procure our raw material from the respective OE suppliers and the raw material passes through a number of stages in order to become a master piece which is admired and appreciated by the end users We have CNC machines, Vacuum/Water leak testing machines for the modernization of the entire manufacturing process and we have quality checks during each stage of the manufacturing. From the stage of procurement of inventories , to the designing and to the implementation and to the leakage test every piece is drawn as sample from each lot and tested and if there is any deviance the same is corrected in order to get the perfect masterpiece sculptured.

The entire process of manufacturing is standardized and automation is of high level in order to achieve efficiency and yet being cost effective.

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