Product Guide
  • Condensers

    OE standard ,microport condensers tubes that provide effective and efficient heat exchange process. Our products are brazed, corrosion free, leak tested and light weight

  • Receiver Drier

    OE Standard, effectively controls moisture through desiccant

  • Blower Motor

    OE quality material , with excellent life and able to sustain under extreme conditions such as humidity, moisture ,dust and vibration

  • Compressors

    OE standard,light weight and high performance , durable and cost effective

  • Cooling Coil

    OE standard, compact , light weight ,high performance and maximum heat transfer

  • Heater core

    OE standard, light weight and effective

  • Expansion Valve

    OE standard, High Efficiency, Uses less refrigerant

  • Hose Assemblies

    OE Standard, OE Rubber Component (NCRN, Bridgestone),

  • Bearing

    Durable and High performance

  • Clutch assemblies

    OE Standard, Long Lasting and High Performance

  • Car Ac Evaporator Unit (Blower) and Motors

    We supply Evaporator Unit (Blower) for all leading Cars/Carriers/Buses/Tempoes Etc. Best in class, affordable and durable.

  • Auto motive Air Conditioning Fan Assemblies and Motors

    Long Lasting Motor and High Performance

  • Cabin Air Filters

    OE Standard, High Performance and Good Absorbing

  • Compressor Oil

    High Quality Oil, Good for Compressor for long life. Available in packing of 250 Grams, 1 Ltr and 4Ltr

  • Valve Pin/ Resistors/ Relays /Ac Switches/HP LP Switches/O Rings/ Orifical Lube/Seals/Sensors

    Small line that makes a lot of difference, high quality, high performance and durable

  • Accessories

    Apart from providing the core parts of the automotive airconditiong parts , we also supply small accessories like Damber Tape, Pipe Opener ,Manifolds, Couplers and many more miscellaneous parts